Yes, You Need A Niche

I'd like to show you why establishing a niche in your nutrition practice is essential; to your enjoyment, success, client experience, and the health of our industry. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Enhances Your Clients Experience

  2. Supports Our Industry

  3. Makes Your Business More Enjoyable

Niching is the concept of working with one problem or demographic. It’s you or your business providing one solution to a problem that your very best client has.

I believe that each niche is its own business. It has its own needs, demands, and requirements, which is why in the beginning, I only advocate working with one.

Now, in our industry, we will tell ourselves the human body is all interconnected, and one problem is linked to another, so how can we only help one type of person or one problem?

I get it, and this is a normal response, and I do agree with you that the body is an ecosystem that is all interrelated but, it also doesn’t mean you have to try and be an expert in every condition.

You can’t without diluting yourself, your messaging, your brand, and your time. You must be willing to specialize or speak to a specific demographic and here is why.

Because as your business grows, it must be able to stand on its own without you.

In the beginning, people come to YOU to help them. They buy YOU. They trust YOU.

And to scale, you will need to take on more clients and reach more people, which means clients now need to desire what your business OFFERS (your products and services), not YOU.

Clients will now want to buy the solution to the problem they are experiencing.

And if you have a niche, you will know exactly where to find these people, how to help them, how to market to them, and how to sell to them……with or without you. The niche now does this work vs you doing this work.

Niching will help you reach the masses you’ll need to gain enough clients to make and exceed 100k and beyond.

Your marketing will do this for you, but your marketing needs to speak specifically to your people. If you are too broad, people won’t know who you are talking to. It won’t resonate enough to create relatability and trust. Clients need to hear your message, as it relates specifically to them, multiple times before they will decide to work with you. In fact, 16 times before they decide to work with you.

Your niche will help you become an expert in your industry, calling in your perfect client. You no longer need to work with everyone. You get to be choosy and work with only people you love working with, who are compliant, and value your expertise…..and who will pay you for it.

Niching helps you streamline your processes in your business, which creates efficiencies. Being efficient means you work less to get equivalent results.

You’ll also gain more time back to allow for the design and creation of new products like online programs, groups, or masterminds.

Niching allows you to be focused on only one thing, become really good at it, and because you are so good, you will get your clients results faster.

If you choose to scale by hiring a team of nutritionists, you’ll have a repeatable process that makes it easy for the practitioner to hit the ground running, and in alignment with your vision, mission, value, and standard of care you’ve created for your business.

Finally – creating a niche allows you to become an expert allows you to charge more money…and this is a good thing.

Let’s break this down.

  1. Enhances Your Client Experience

The most important component of your business is your client.

Your job is to deliver a product or service they have paid you for.

Specifically, the RESULT they are seeking, and you have committed to providing.

Clients pay you for RESULTS!

Not your time.

Not your personality.

Not your beautifully curated Canva nutrition protocol.

They are paying you to feel better now, and into the future.

When you niche, you become an expert in your client's problem and the solution to help them.

You understand their pain points better than they do.

You are able to communicate so clear and concise EXACTLY what is happening, that they finally feel heard, validated, and supported.

You deliver care protocols that make an immediate impact on their health because you’ve done it a hundred times and know what they need to feel better.

Your client will get results quicker, with less confusion, and more trust in you!

You will exceed your clients’ expectations and they will become your greatest referral source.

  1. Supports Our Industry

Niching supports our industry by differentiating each other as specialists.

When we base our business model and prices on the industry standard, we all become the same. It’s very vanilla, and not dynamic.

And how this impacts our industry is by commoditizing nutrition therapy.

When a potential client begins researching nutritionists, they will see the same services, products, testing, supplements, language, look and feel across the board.

In the client’s mind, we are all the same.

And when all things look equal, a person will make a purchasing decision based on price.

We literally create our own financial glass ceiling by doing things status quo.

We commoditize our industry.

What we do is anything but a commodity.

What you provide is unique. Make it that way for your client so we as a collective can raise the industry standard, creating the belief that nutrition therapy is a specialty, and deserving of higher prices and standards in our healthcare system.

  1. Makes Your Business More Enjoyable

When you niche, you consciously choose your ideal client and condition. You do this from an understanding of your talents as a nutrition professional, who you work best with, and get the greatest results WHILE having fun in your practice. You get to become discerning because it benefits everyone and every interaction. It makes marketing EASY! Because you know EXACTLY how to speak to your client’s problem. You can charge higher prices because you are now an expert in your field. Clients will show up at a higher level because they perceive you as an authority, have invested more money, and are willing to do what you ask of them. You don’t have to manage a hundred different tests to run and navigate all the issues that come up from the lab. You can streamline your products, so you don’t have to carry a ton of inventory. You can work more efficiently, which means you can take on more clients, spend more time IN your business to grow it, or having more personal time to rest and restore….or ALL THREE! Less work, less decision fatigue, less cognitive load, greater results for your client, more fun for you. We focus heavily on this in the 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind. A business mentorship designed by a nutritionist, for nutritionists. If this interests you, let's talk. Applications for the January 2022 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind is NOW OPEN! My mastermind is RISK-FREE. If you don't make your money back, I give it back!

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