What You Can Accomplish In 1-Month

Running a business doesn't have to be so confusing....and stressful.

My client, Jess, came to me wanting to learn how to build a profitable, 6-figure nutrition practice.

You see, she was put in a position last year where she became 100% responsible for everything in her life, all on her own.

The mortgage.

Health Insurance.

A car payment.




All of it, in the snap of a finger.

Failure was NOT an option for her.

So she bet on herself by signing up to coach with me.

She was FREAKED OUT at the idea of spending the money but knew she had to do something.

So she decided to trust me.

And I'm so glad she did.

Because in ONE MONTH, yes, 4 sessions, she had taken her business from something she "just does" on a daily basis to one with a mission, values, discernment, and focus.

She cleaned up her finances and pricing to recoup her 7k investment in 2 weeks.....in fact, it's true that she recouped her investment after our initial conversation about working together.....before she even signed up with me!!

She is clear on who she works with, what results she can promise her ideal clients, and her worth.

She is building a business that supports her lifestyle, her financial goals, has systems to withstand time, and has a HEART!

This is what she told me last week around her prices and money.

"After our session last week, I signed three new clients at my new price. I had zero drama around it. It felt natural and easy. They were all a resounding "YES". What I learned was the more cautious I am (around money), the more cautious they are. I no longer need to be cautious because I know what I am worth."

This is what she learned about defining her IDEAL client. "This week I had three of my ideal clients walk through the door. They were exactly the women we defined in our session. It really is true, if you think it, define it clearly, believe in it, it will come true."

This is what she learned about her money mindset and freaking out over not having enough.

"A few times a week I'm saying OMG, I don't have enough. Am I going to be able to pay my bills? What's going to happen next? And then I remembered you telling me to find evidence for this - find the facts rather than just listen to an onslaught of thoughts in my head. And when I start to find data, I find evidence that I have money. I know how to make money and I will be ok. You have to spend money to make money, money comes and goes, and it's ok to spend money on myself and my business."

We are 4 weeks in and she has made a massive change.

If you are a nutrition professional who is just getting started or already in business but ready for more, I'd love to have a conversation with you.

Rachel Leigh

Business Consultant for Nutritionists

Jess Sorci

Founder. Functional Nutritionist.

Vital Source Nutrition

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