Week 1: The Start of Your Cycle

Week One: The Start Of Your Cycle

Your period week marks the start of your cycle (days 1 - 7). Menstruation is your body shedding the uterine lining that was built up in preparation for pregnancy. There is a lot of "out with the old and in with the new" going on—both mentally and physically during this time.

CARE FOR YOUR BODY PHYSICALLY: This is a time to tune in to what your body is needing physically, and there are a ton of holistic remedies for soothing your aches and pains:

Take a Clary Sage oil-infused bubble bath. Clary Sage can help balance hormones and soothe the cramping associated with menstrual flow. Rub it directly onto the skin using a carrier oil.

If you don't have time for bubble baths and need some quick relief, invest in a heating pad to give the body some warmth and soothing comfort.

Try slow yoga and specific poses for when you are menstruating.

Meditate and walk during this time, remembering to breathe and allowing for moments of being present.

Increase your intake of fats, proteins, dark green veggies, and dark chocolate!

Drink warm beverages made from herbs for overall comfort and balance. There are some great recipes for making soothing period tonics on Mind Body Green.

CARE FOR YOUR BODY MENTALLY: Some women experience a more prolonged Premenstrual Syndrome phase, making the start of their period a little more foggy, moody, and mentally draining. Other women may experience an immediate increase of energy on the first day of blood flow due to the spike in estrogen levels and "feel-good chemicals.” Towards the end of your period (days 5 - 7), you may start to feel extra in tune with the world around you. This is because of the low levels of progesterone.

This is a good time to focus on creative projects or connect with loved ones.

Notice what your body is needing emotionally during this time—it may be that you need extra love and downtime, or you may want to get out into the world.

Stay tuned for more tips for the next 3 weeks of your cycle.

Love, Coach Rachel Chaos Coordinator Free Your Mind Coaching

PS: a shout out to The Good Trade for providing this information to share.

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