Throw Away Your To-Do List

And try this instead. (Listen to the podcast here)

Your business, its results, your experience of it, and the way you feel, all stem from your perspective of it. It’s created from your thoughts. It’s created from your belief in it and of yourself.

When I work with my clients, the first thing they want is for me to tell them all the things. “tell me what to do” is what they say.

And when I explain that the tactics will come, but first we must uplevel their self-concept, and learn how to direct their thoughts, they are confused.

Many are annoyed and frustrated with me. Because they have been taught that the way to success is by “doing”. By taking action.

I mean think about it. All through nutrition school, you’ve been taught a problem/solution model.

The client presents with X.

Labs validate X.

Protocol equals Y.

And there is validity in having a working plan.

And you can build a business that way.

You can make to-do lists, you can download your 6-steps to marketing guide, you can hire a business coach who only gives you the answers, but what you won’t learn is the process of how to develop YOU.

And YOU are what is essential to next-level creation.

Playbooks will only get you so far.

But what happens when you are ready to scale?

Or build a team and become a leader?

Or design an online program?

Or anything that requires you to demand more from yourself?

To make decisions in the best interest of YOU, and your business?

You have to develop yourself first.

Because you are the creator of all your results.

Think about it this way. You decide it’s time to start marketing. So, you begin researching all the ways to do this. Social media, SEO, blogging, YouTube, Google Ads, newsletters, a freebie on your website – the list is long.

And what immediately happens?

You become overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.

Which leads to you shutting down and not doing anything.

Dipping your toe into all of them, never really committing to one.

Or creating material from the energy of frustration or confusion, not getting your desired results, and feeling a TON of negative emotions along the way.

So, you give up.

Or you hire someone to do it for you.

Now let me tell you – I am all about delegating…..when the time is right. When you have cleaned up your belief around what you are delegating. But there this a right time to do this.

If you hire someone to do it for you because you are too confused or frustrated. The person you hire will also not get you your desired results.


Because you’ve not done the hard work of figuring it out yourself in order to explain it to your person perfectly!

You’ve not developed your belief that you CAN do it yourself, so you actually don’t figure it out.

I did this when I was starting out. I tried to hand off marketing because I told myself I didn’t know how to do it. Someone else could clearly do it better than I. I mean, that must be true because what I was doing wasn’t working!

And here is what I learned.

First, and most importantly, I didn’t believe in myself.

I told myself I didn’t have time to figure it out.

I told myself I wasn’t a good writer because I cheated my way through 8th-grade grammar.

I told myself Google Ads were too difficult.

I told myself a million little lies about why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do my own marketing, in order to get out of feeling uncertain, confused, and scared.

Hiring someone allowed me to escape the negative emotions and avoid having to work on myself – my belief that I could figure it out, changing my perspective of my capabilities, and doing the hard work to become good at it.

And do you know what hiring before I worked on me cost?

Two years of throwing money at people, only to get the same damn results!

How could I ever expect a different result from someone else, when I was asking them to create something different, from the exact same thoughts of my brain?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you do it, or you ask someone else to do it for you.

You will always get the same result unless you are designing it from a different perspective.

These poor women I hired never stood a chance. I was giving them the information from my brain, they were taking it, doing their job, delivering a product, which was exactly what I got in the past – just a different flavor. All in all, I bet this cost me over $40,000.00 in two years.

It wasn’t until I learned how to coach – myself and others – that I was able to change my results.

I had to work on my belief that I could and would figure it out.

I had to change my perspective of knowing my ideal client better than anyone else and believing I could help her.

I had to believe I was smart and capable of doing hard things like marketing.

I had to work on not being nervous to write emails or blogs or social media posts – and work on believing, and knowing, that women need what I offer.

I had to be vulnerable in sharing a universal human connection that they are probably nervous too!

Nervous to spend money on themselves.

Nervous they might not get the results.

Nervous their husbands won’t approve.

And when I came at it from a perspective of “we are all in this together and I will do my best to serve my community at my highest level” – my nervousness changed to excitement, hope, and grace for myself.

Now marketing is exciting for me.

Because I know that when I market from heart, confidence, fun, and a place of connection, I will resonate with my people. I will make it easier for them to find me – so I can help them!

I also have the confidence to clearly articulate who I work with, how I work with them, and the results I can guarantee.

Then, and then only, can I hand it off to someone else – should I choose.

This is one example of how working on your thoughts by directing your brain is the greatest tool you can use in your business.

I had to believe this first.

My belief created a new set of thoughts.

These new thoughts provided me with an entirely different experience of my business!

Another example is believing you can build and sustain a business that not only helps people feel well but supports your lifestyle too.

I hear all the time nutritionists saying “I’m not a business person, I am a healer”.

Or “I don’t want to do the business part of things. I just want to work with my clients.” And this is fine! You don’t have to start a business! But if you are working for yourself, and you are choosing these thoughts, you will have a very hard time building a business that makes enough money to support you. And it will also kind of suck along the way.

Every time you sit down to work ON your business, you will create from the perspective of “I’m not an entrepreneur and I don’t want to do this”.

That creates resistance and annoyance.

Add resistance and annoyance on top of having to do hard “business” things (because starting, growing, maintaining, and scaling a business can be hard) you get more negative emotions. You’re netting more negativity!

This is not fun! This is why people get out of business!

Negative. Hard. More negative. Harder.

You are creating more evidence for how you are not good at this! How you suck in business and how awful it is. And ALL of this. Yes, ALL of it, stems from your original belief that “you are not good at business, you don’t know how to do it, and you just want to work with clients”.

Your beliefs create your results.

I can give you example after example of how you do this every day. Myself included. I also must work on my belief system. Because every time I make a strategic decision in my business, I must check my thoughts. I must investigate my belief around it. I must ensure I am not making decisions to escape negative emotions. I must babysit my brain, get clean on my thinking, know my desired results, and create a perspective that aligns with how I want to feel and what actions I want to create to achieve those results for the future health of my business.

This, my fellow nutritionists, cannot be taught by downloading a checklist.

This is a skill set that needs to be learned and practiced throughout the life of your business. This is the entry point to success, and everything that comes after will be a result of this work.

Be willing to start here.

Be willing to slow down to learn this first.

Be willing to be committed to you, and your belief in your business and skills as a nutritionist for as long as it takes to get there.

So, the question to ask yourself is: How can you raise your energy, beliefs, and thoughts to match your desired success?