Protect the Asset.

When I say this to my clients, their first thought is their business. Wrong answer. YOU are the asset. Without you, there is no business. How do you protect yourself while scaling? Through prioritization. An essential step in growing your business in less time, with more joy, while having a life. When you operate with loose priorities, nothing gets 100% of your attention. It’s like lining up 100 ice cream cones and each one gets a single sprinkle. Lame. And people won't buy lame things. When you prioritize what is absolutely necessary and ESSENTIAL, then you have 2-3 ice cream cones, and each one is doused in sprinkles! Way more exciting! People will buy sprinkles! In order to make more money, work less and have a life you enjoy, you have to give sprinkles to just a few things. Here’s how we do it in my Scale to Scale coaching system.

  1. Visibility:

Track your current SOP’s (standard operating procedures) using a journal or app every day for 1-2 weeks.

  1. Prioritize:

If everything in the world were eliminated, what are the 3-4 things you couldn’t live without.

For me, it's my kids, my partner, and my business.


Good, now go deeper – list the top 3 things, under your top 3 things.

Congratulations, you’ve identified your essentials.

  1. Reconcile:

Your current SOP’s against your top 3.

Anything NOT in alignment with your essentials, place in a donation box.

  1. 4D Scaling: (Delete. Defer. Delegate. Do.)

4D your top 3.

4D your top 3 of your top 3.

4D your donation box.

Decide what to do with each one and do it.

  1. Organize:

At the beginning of each week, add the essentials to your calendar, starting with YOU!

Your personal time is scheduled first – protect the asset!

  1. Launch:

Now that you’ve prioritized and organized, all you have to do is follow your calendar. Week by week, you will evaluate, refine and relaunch this step until you are operating with ease and flow. This is how you “protect the asset” to scale; personally & professionally. If this makes sense, you want a guaranteed money-back system, and you're ready to do the work, schedule a complimentary consultation below.

"Making choices to eliminate something good can be painful in the moment. And when we do, the return is every additional moment gained, can be spent on something better, and more in alignment with our top priorities. We are fulfilled, less exhausted and business becomes increasingly profitable."

To confidence & Courage,

Rachel Leigh

Scalability Coach

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