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Make YOUR FIRST DOLLAR....for only a dollar.

Register Here For $1.00:


Make YOUR FIRST DOLLAR....for only a dollar!

This pop-up group was created to help nutrition professionals and wellness providers overcome imposter syndrome, feeling like they "are not ready" to take clients, being afraid to market themselves and sell their services.

This 4-week challenge will be specific to overcoming your fears and gaining confidence through deep coaching, and the daily practice of making offers.

And you will make your FIRST DOLLAR, for only investing a single dollar!

You will gain your FIRST PAYING CLIENT! Already have clients, but still, cringe at the idea of marketing yourself? Well, this challenge is for you too! Receive coaching, practice making an offer, evaluate your mindset & belief, get more coaching, practice making an offer again......lather, rinse, repeat. This is the way to identify what energy you are selling from, what beliefs you have in your ability to work with clients, and how to communicate with people in a way that helps them see their ultimate potential for health & wellness.

We will practice over and over again, for 30 days, up-leveling your belief in yourself, learning to sell from service, speaking to your ideal client, and rewiring your brain to LOVE selling.

Invest a dollar to make a dollar - that's a good deal!

You will have a community of other nutritionists and wellness providers to lean on in this group for inspiration, accountability, and FUN!

And most importantly, you will learn to forever banish limiting thoughts that hold you back.

You are needed.

What you offer is important.

Nutrition therapy is necessary for the health of our world.

This is your opportunity to show up for you, your business, and your community, to create a healthier, happier world.

Live Weekly Coaching Calls:

Wednesdays @ 5:30 - 6:30 pm MDT

2021 Dates: November 3rd November 10th November 17th November 24 - OFF for Thanksgiving December 1st

Register Here For $1.00:

Challenge: Make an offer, every day, for 30 straight days for people to work with you. 2. Post daily who, how, where, or when you made your offer. 3. Post daily your limiting belief models and your inspired belief models (I'll teach you this) 4. Lean on this community for support. 5. Ask for help. 6. Show up as you've never shown up for yourself and your business before! 👉 Share when you make your FIRST DOLLAR! Are you in?

PS: Help me spread the word by sharing with your fellow nutritionists and wellness providers!

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