How To Get Your Very 1st Client

Nutritionists – I want to share a story with you about a woman who is debating between starting her own nutrition practice or continuing to work under a practitioner.

She came to me Monday wanting to talk about working together. She had all the same questions most of you have.

Can I do this? How do I market? What niche do I choose and will it work? Am I good enough? Where will I find clients? Will I make money?

I’m confused, overwhelmed, nervous, and don’t know what to do. And here is what I coached her on.

First, I don’t know what she should do. She’s the only one who can answer that for herself.

Then I coached her.

I didn’t sell her on working with me…..because this is not what she needed.

She needed clarity.

She needed a sounding board and someone to help her find her inner confidence to make choices that are aligned with her ultimate goals.

She also needed someone to show her red flags and give her ideas to think about.

It was fun.

Because when you serve, you have fun.

Now, this isn’t the magic of her getting a client without marketing.

That magic came from the simple act of reaching out to someone in the industry that may be able to help her.

Because after our call, I connected her with two past clients that are involved in the endurance running community.

And here is where the magic occurred……..she connected out of love for the sport and the community.

She SERVED these two people from love.

And one of them chose to work with her.

Before she even decided to branch out on her own.

Without a website. Without social media. Without a freebie.

All because of a phone call to help her figure out if she wanted to hire a business coach or not.

That’s magic.

Leaning on your community of nutritionists for support creates magic.

Investing in a coach who has access to resources you don’t have yet, is magic.

Taking action toward your business…even if it’s a free consultation or responding to an email, is magic.

Our industry is awesome.

What you do as a nutritionist is magical.

And if I can help you in any way – if I can serve you, then that feels magical to me too.

Coach Rachel.

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