How To Determine Your Price

Nutrition professionals,

How many of you base your price on an hourly rate?

This is what we’ve been told in our industry as the way to determine your pricing.

I see it ALL THE TIME with the clients I mentor.

I used to do it myself!

And I’m here to tell you that this is the least important factor when making a pricing decision.

The top three factors are:

1. Your education & certifications.

2. The overall time spent through the life-cycle of the client's care plan.

3. The result you create for your client now and in the future.

Let's start here.

When you believe that your worth is based on the amount of time you spend with a client, you are saying “I am worth $100.00 per hour”, or in many cases, less than that if you sell packages (because you’ve also been told that you should discount a package).

You are also making the client decide if THEY are worth $100.00 an hour!

By doing this, you’re implying that the value you bring to your client is the hour of time they spend with you.

And I’m here to tell you, what you offer, is worth SO MUCH MORE than an hourly rate!

And your client is worth SO MUCH MORE than an hourly rate!

First, your worth (and your rates) are also based on your education, advanced certifications, and knowledge base of your area of specialty.

The cumulation provides you with an expansive toolbox, so you can help your client at a deeper level, and quickly!

This knowledge, experience, and latest advancements in nutrition & science, are what make you an asset in a person’s healing.

You are able to identify root-cause more quickly.

You have multiple solutions for your client.

You can be specific, concise, and clear in your care plan.

You deliver the information confidently, and in a way your client can realistically implement.

When you operate from this place, you will have a greater impact on your client.

Second, take into consideration the TOTAL time you spend working on your client's plan.

This includes responding to emails.

Reviewing client forms.

Ordering labs.

Calling the lab if there are problems.

Interpreting labs.

Creating a care plan.

Ordering supplements or creating supplement recommendations.

Making meal plans.



ALL time spent on a client's case, not just the hour spent in a session.

Finally, and most importantly, your pricing should be based on the results you create for your client NOW, and in the FUTURE.

Clients pay you for a result.

Clients pay you to solve their problems.

Clients pay you so they can feel better NOW!

Clients are also paying you for the playbook to be healthy in the FUTURE!

But they need to be shown this.

It's your job to help them see that the solution you are providing has a compounding ROI.

Because after your time together, they will know how to care for themselves long-term.

They will know what creates health, and how to maintain it.

They will have a solution they can lean on month after month, year after year, until their body shifts and needs to be refined.

And this is worth WAY more than you could EVER charge in an hour session.

This is invaluable.

Now, do you see now how your current mindset of "dollar-per-hour" is based on the belief that you only help a person when they are with you?

And how you're also letting the client believe they themselves are only worth a certain amount per hour?

And why this needs to change?

Let's shift this in our industry.

If you need help, consider joining the 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind where I help you create the foundation to build a profitable, healthy, and scalable nutrition practice.

Rachel Leigh

Business Mentor for Nutrition Professionals

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