How I created more calm.

I used to sleep until 7:30 - 8:00 am ( I looooove sleep).

I'd then spend the next few hours racing around, making breakfast, getting ready, and walking into the office with minutes to spare before my first client.

My heart was racing, I hadn't reviewed notes, I was snapping at the kids, and felt like I spent the rest of the day in a state of feeling constantly behind.

The result was a business that wasn't growing as fast as it could, feeling like a bad mom, never "finding" time to really work ON my business, making excuses why things weren't getting done, and having emotional melt-downs after vacuuming for the 9 millionth time (because of course, I was the only one who EVER did anything around the house...poor me).

And then it dawned on me...change it.

No one else was going to manage my life so I better get busy figuring it out or stop bitching about it.

Solution: I made a commitment to wake up every Monday - Thursday at 6:00 am. Friday I would allow myself to sleep in.

Result: I spent the first hour of my day enjoying a cup of coffee, journaling all the crap in my brain that resembles the spinning wheel of death on a Mac, and had the feeling of being able to hear myself THINK!

I loved it so much I started waking at 5:30 am!

Now I have a full hour and a half of peace and quiet where I put pen to paper and offload my brain.

I've been able to create higher quality content in my business, organize my day to allow for breakfast with the kids AND a shower, think about my future; personally and professionally ALL before anyone wakes up.

It's brilliant.

It's peaceful.

It's powerful.

What is one step you can do today to shift your schedule in your favor?

How can you reallocate just 1-hour toward your brain health?

If you need a little help here, register for my webinar this Friday, February 19th at 10:00 am.

I'll be kicking off my 4-part series of Chaos to Calm: entrepreneuring your life to scale your business.

Can't make it this week? Register anyway and I'll send you the recording!

Register in advance for this webinar:


Coach Rachel

Chaos Coordinator

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