Downsize to Upsize: Podcast

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

How you can downsize your life to upsize your life.

Free Your Mind Coaching teams up with Buddhist Biohacker once a month to bring you useable, honest and real information to transform your life.

Check out Augusts podcast on downsizing your life so you can upsize your life.

What does this mean exactly? It means pausing, delegating or eliminating things in your life that take away from what's most valuable to you.

Most women spend their time taking care of, well, everything. And when they reflect on their day, they find themselves tired, worn down and unfulfilled. Not because they didn't get anything accomplished, rather because the accomplished SO MUCH, but those things were not what's most important to her.

Downsize to Upsize walks you through 4 simple steps to change all of this.

  1. Identify 3-5 things that are MOST IMPORTANT in your life.

  2. Record for 1-3 days where you spend your time.

  3. Align time spent with your top 3-5 priorities.

  4. Pause, delegate or eliminate things that do not directly influence or support your top priorities.

Once you do this, you will become lighter, more free and fulfilled.

Check out the podcast, give it a try and join me in downsizing to upsize.

To confidence & courage,

Coach Rachel

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