Fear As A Byproduct Of Being A Holistic Nutritionist

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Today I’m going to talk about how we as alternative practitioners have been taught to be afraid in our profession. That the sheer nature of what we do puts us at risk and how this directly impacts our business, our clients, and our industry.

When I was going through nutrition therapy school, I was told not to be too visible, or “they” will find me and shut me down – whoever “they” were.

I was given example after example of alternative providers being investigated, silenced, and ultimately threatened to the point they closed their practice.

And that mentality carried on in my career and community of nutritionists for years after I graduated.

And here’s the thing, I’m still hearing it today!

Just this week I worked with a client of mine who said the exact words “I’m afraid to do everything I want to in my business. I was told that I had to be careful, or I would open myself up to harm”.

Now, I’m not saying this isn’t partially true. There are examples of this happening, but what I want to point out is this belief system is what prevents you from going all-in with your business and your client.

It holds you back from serving at your highest level because you are HUMAN!

And the human brains' first priority is to keep you safe.

When fear is in the driver’s seat, our brain interprets this as unsafe – so of course you hold yourself back!

Fear does not facilitate bravery.

Fear does not generate confidence.

Fear does not allow us to be bold.

And I can promise you this, a business needs confidence, bravery, and boldness to be successful.

Your clients need you to be confident, brave, and bold for them, so they can model after you and do this for themselves.

Fear is directly impacting the growth of your business.

I see it all the time in my clients.

Not wanting to be on social media – too much exposure.

Not wanting to educate on holistic or alternative therapies on their blog or newsletter – someone will disagree, disparage them or shut them down.

Not wanting to make videos to put on YouTube – too visible! Risk, risk, risk.

You’ll be seen.

You’ll be heard.

You’ll be attacked for your views.

You’ll be sued.

You’ll be shut down.

But here’s the thing.

You will have a really hard time growing your business if people can’t find you.

You’ll have a hard time gaining clients if you are operating from fear.


Because we act on our emotions.

And if you are acting on fear, this will be reflected in how you speak, how you write, the tone of your voice, and your body language.

People will pick up on this and people do not buy fear.

You’ll also hold yourself back in your sessions – and whether you realize it or not, the client will pick up on this and hold themselves back.

Because you are asking them to go “all-in” when you yourself are not willing to – and that creates dissonance. Healing does not come from dissonance.

And finally, this fear we are being taught and buying into as truth is causing us to shrink, or hide, which implies that what we are doing is wrong. As if we must sneak around so we don’t get caught.

Listen to me.

What we do as nutrition professionals is NOT WRONG.

That is bullshit thinking driven by fear and I refuse to play there or let my clients buy into it.

We cannot allow ourselves or others to continue to believe this.

I choose to be bold, courageous, visible, and confident in the services we provide at Whole Woman Health and 6-Figure Nutritionist.

Because when I am confident, my clients find confidence in themselves.

When I am courageous, others find the courage to act toward living a healthier life.

When I am visible, people who need me can find me.

And when I am bold, I break the molds in our industry, ones built on fear, to create the possibility for other nutrition professionals to do the same.

So if this resonates with you, and you need some help, ask yourself these questions.

What scares me?

What is the worst-case scenario?

How do I act when I am afraid?

What results have I created in my business when I operate from fear?

What is the possible impact I am having on my clients when I am scared?

Now ask yourself.

Is what scares me true at this very moment?

Will I survive the worst-case scenario and is the worst-case scenario even true?

How do I want to act with my clients?

In order to act this way, how do I need to feel? Brave? Confident? Calm? Certain?

And when I feel and act this way while work on your business or with your clients, what do you imagine is possible?

When we do this work and see it on paper, we can begin to dissect it and diffuse it to create a new experience, for ourselves and our clients.

This is some of the work we do in my mastermind.

Because it starts with working on ourselves, our beliefs, our actions in order to change the perspective we and society have on our industry.

We have to be the ones to show others that nutrition therapy is reputable, professional, and necessary.

So my friends I encourage you to be bold.

Be seen.

Be true to yourself and your beliefs.

And serve your clients deeply.

Take care everyone.

Rachel Leigh

Business Mentor for Nutrition Professionals

PS: Applications for the January 2022 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind is NOW OPEN!


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