Do You Have A Becky Brain?


Becky is a total bitch. 

She is constantly snapping her gum and twirling her hair from a high pony layered in scrunchies. 

She wears bangle bracelets, is constantly applying Lip Smackers cherry flavored lip gloss and pinrolls her jeans....oh, and did I mention she says "like" at least every other word?

Becky has something to say about EVERYTHING

She's negative and I swear to God her most favorite line is "I told you so".  

Her constant banter about what I should do, what I shouldn't do, how crappy I am, why it's a bad decision, how I'm going to get's incessant!

And she's a liar!  Like a legit, to your face, pathological liar!

Becky sucks.......and Becky is me.

You see, we all have a primitive brain and this part of our brain is meant to keep us safe (I've lovingly named her Becky).   

It's meant to seek pleasure, avoid risk, choose comfort and essentially stay the course.....because the course is safe.  It's kept us alive this long so it must be good, right?


Staying the course means getting more of what you already have.  For some of us, this is enough.  But for many of you, this is exactly what you are trying to get out of!

Here's where Becky comes in......

Becky is going to FREAK OUT when you tell her you're not following her plan anymore. 

She's going to go into full blown hysterics and it's going to feel AWFUL

She DOES NOT do well with change and she's NOT going to go down quietly. 

Becky is going to armour up, re-apply a fresh coat of lip gloss and lay into you......and this is where most of us stop dead in our tracks. 

We listen to our Becky brain and never take the risk to go after what we really want in life.  I've done it, my clients have done it and the generations before us have done it.

And I'm going to coach you on how to do it differently.  Because here's the deal - Becky doesn't get the final say!  Becky can get in the back seat and shut the "F" up. 

I'm going to show you how to use an entirely different part of your brain to get you everything you want in life.  Literally everything. 

And it all starts with one decision - the decision to coach with me.  

So here's what you need to do.

1.  Schedule an Investment Call with me.

2.  Make a decision to take action like you've never done before.

3.  Hit Home Depot and stock up on duct tape - cuz Becky needs to pipe down.

4.  Start creating some magic!

To confidence & courage,

Rachel Leigh-Gerlach (aka Becky on a bad day)

(Mom)preneur.  Master Coach.  Thoughtful Feminist. 

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