7k a month to 20k...in less than 90-days.

Nutrition professionals,

I hear you. You're not in it for the money. At least that's what you tell yourself. But you know what? You're also not in it to go broke. Or compromise your own health. Or create stress, confusion, and overwhelm. You're not in it to sacrifice your family, personal time, or wellbeing. There is a balance that needs to be struck. One that allows you to serve your people at a very high level, creates fulfillment AND puts money into your bank account. Let me tell you about the client I'm currently working with. (you can listen to her interview on the 6-Figure Nutritionist Podcast here) She came to me with a goal of making enough money to pay all her bills, put money away for a nest egg, and travel freely without freaking out about the cost. She wanted to build a 6-figure business because she thought it would make her feel safe. And when we dug into things, what we uncovered was her belief in herself to actually become a successful nutritionist was lacking. She'd been told she'd never make it. She'd bought into the industry perspective that nutritionists, especially holistic or functional nutritionists, rarely reach the 100k revenue mark. And it showed up like this. She Averaged a monthly revenue of 7K. She was VERY attached to her perspective that she didn't have "enough". She would work with ANY client that was willing to pay her. Her prices were low because she had a belief people wouldn't pay a higher price for alternative therapy. She spent the majority of her time working with clients, rather than on her business systems to create more efficiencies, ease, and flow. She was exhausted, emotional, burned out, confused, scared, frustrated, and determine as F*CK to figure it out! And I coached her HARD on her beliefs. I taught her how to decipher "freak-out" thoughts from fact. We found massive evidence for the abundance she DOES have; personally and financially. She learned to be discerning with who she was willing to work with. She developed boundaries around her working hours to restore, play in nature and take care of herself. She raised her prices to reflect the VALUE she was providing her clients, not just the time she was spending with them. Her confidence began to soar when working with clients, going deeper into their emotional state, and in her messaging for marketing. She became crystal clear on the vision for the future business and the purpose behind it. She did ALL the things I asked her to do and you know what? In less than 90-days she went from making 7k a month to 20k. And she did it from a much more enjoyable place emotionally and physically. And you know what she said? "I never wanted to be the person who was in it for the money, but damn it feels good to be able to freely pay my bills, book a trip, buy a new lens for my camera AND put money away". Now, her perspective is that she is open to receiving money, 20k a month or more worth because the truth is, she's not just in it for the money. That's just a low-quality thought, like crappy, processed food, that has no benefit whatsoever. What it really means is that she now can care for herself AND care for others at a much more impactful level. She can start to build a team of practitioners so they can help people. She can hire someone to manage her Google Ads and SEO, leaving more time for her to see clients. She can put money back into her community, helping others receive a paycheck and support their family. She can travel so she can restore her energy and nourish her soul, which translates to being a better practitioner for her patients. So you see, it IS about the money....and that's ok. Because it's ALSO about SO. MUCH. MORE! I want this for all of you. That is why I created the 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind. A business mentorship designed by a nutritionist, for nutritionists. To help you experience your business at a whole new level....even if you have no interest in making six figures. If this interests you, let's talk. Applications for the January 2022 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind is NOW OPEN! My mastermind is RISK-FREE. Literally. If you don't make your money back, I give it back!

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