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What is the cost of inaction in your business?

I asked my new client this on our consult last week.

"What is it costing you, over the lifetime of your business, to not take action in learning how to be an entrepreneur?"

I love this question.

Because most of us look at the COST of investing in our business, rather than the impact it will have if we don't.

And here's what I can promise you...it will cost you WAY more in the long run NOT to invest.

  • It will take you longer to make 100k or more.

  • It will cost you more money to expand your practice through trial and error.

  • It will be much, much more stressful trying to do it all on your own.

Think of it this way.

When a client comes to you with "diagnosed IBS", you show them exactly how you will help them through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. You say, "if you do this, you will get this in return, and it will cost you this amount".

And when the client says "I can't do that, it cost too much and I'm not willing to put the energy into it", you show them by NOT doing it, they will continue to have bloating, constipation/diarrhea, pain, increased food sensitivities, and other symptoms now and well into the future. It could potentially even lead to auto-immune disease.

You show them the long-term impact of not taking action.

This applies to your business as well.

By not taking immediate action, what will the long-term impact be?

From my 11 years of experience running a nutrition practice as well as working with numerous practice owners, I can tell you it will be profound.

Once I decided to invest back into my business, I went from a 20k practice to multiple six figures.

I'd like to offer you this experience as well.

Think of me as your nutritionist for your business.....your Functional Business Therapist.

I'll help you uncover the root cause of your current practice, show you a 100k protocol, and support you through implementing it.

And it all begins on August 4th, 2021.

In my 6-Figure Nutritionist mastermind, I will teach you how to build a professional, scalable, streamlined, confident business that makes 6-figures plus.

For 6-months, I will teach you a business protocol that ensures you will not only make your investment back, but you'll have the foundation to begin working toward your first 100k or more.

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