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"I was looking to get my life under control at a time when everything felt very much out of control.


I've just finished a 12 week Entrepreneur group coaching with Rachel, and am encouraging anyone who is in the beginnings of their business, have been in business for awhile, or are just looking for change, to sign up for this dynamic opportunity. Between Rachels approach and the group interaction, I left each weeks meeting feeling inspired and amped up for change! Rachel is sincere and honest in her coaching, she will support and encourage you to be the more you want to be!"  ~Julie G.

"Working with Rachel has helped me be more accepting of things as they are, and not necessarily how I think they should be.  


She did this by showing me how my thoughts about my circumstances were holding me back, not my actual circumstances.  


I had many "aha moments" during our time working together but none as valuable as this...Its ok for me to want what I want, and not feel guilty or shameful for it.  #MindBlown


She coached me on my business and my marriage and how I was pinning them against each other and inevitably keeping myself stuck in both.  What if my business is completely free from the other while also being connected?  Connected in the sense that how I'm showing up for one is how I'm showing up for the other.  


She also worked with me on my health.  I've been having some minor issues showing up in my body and it's due to the underlying stress I haven't been dealing with in my life.  In resisting these negative emotions and choosing not to deal with my feelings on a regular basis, I started to show different signs (though minor) of dis-ease in my body.  (Note: I am not suffering from a particular disease, I'm simply having some dis-ease in my body) All of these physical ailments I'm seeing are stemming from a luring emotional drain that I've been choosing to avoid.  


While I'm not where I want to be yet, I am well on my way after working with Rachel!  She has helped me be more accepting of myself while showing me that my health, relationships and business all function at the level to which I care for and love myself.  


I highly recommend working with Rachel if you're a woman who owns a business!"  ~ Anonymous

"I signed up for a 12 week entrepreneur's coaching with Rachel and was utterly wowed by the results I achieved.  She was consistent in her challenges and goal setting, she was inspiring and encouraging in pushing me to be the best version of myself personally and professionally.  This was probably one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business as of yet.  I highly recommend Rachel if you are feeling stuck or wanting to push yourself to the next level."  ~ Noelle B


"Rachel's expertise, patience, charisma, and personal experience are what set her services apart from other nutritionists and life coaches I've worked with in the past. Rather than adhering to a rigid, one-size-fits-all model, Rachel approaches her clients with genuine empathy, and offers regimens tailored to fit each individual's needs. I've learned so much in the short time I've worked with her - she's more than surpassed my expectations and I can't recommend her highly enough! If you're looking to improve your fitness, gain a deeper understanding of nutrition, or even just smile more, give this talented woman a call! She will change your life for the better." ~Lea O

"Rachel changed the way I set, pursue and achieve my goals.

I started working with Rachel for nutrition at the recommendation of a friend after getting fed up with the ton of weight that I'd put on since working at a desk job, and even more frustrated that the myriad of diets and hardcore exercise routines I was religiously following were doing nothing, and really just making me feel worse.

Rachel came in and reset the clock. She got me hooked up with a healthy eating plan that made me feel anything but deprived, tested all of my hormones and sensitivities and found a homeopathic way to restore my body - sleep (wow, didn't realize how major that was), natural and limited supplements (I'm not into supplements so we found the perfect balance) and a self care routine that honestly changed the way I see myself. In the four months that I've been working with her I've lost more than weight- I've lost a lot of the baggage that was keeping me from taking care of myself and getting what I needed in order to be my best self everyday.

I plan to continue my relationship with Rachel for a long time- life coaching, nutrition and fitness- this woman has a lot to offer and I'm usually a pretty serious skeptic,  but I'm buyin what she's selling." ~Alex C

"I have been working with Rachel for a few months and I have gained a tremendous amount of insight in self awareness and creating goals for myself personally and professionally. Rachel is realistic in goal setting and holds you accountable as a mentor and a friend. I absolutely adore Rachel and will continue to use her as her support is endless. She is extremely knowledgeable with her practice and will go above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve themselves in all aspects of health and wellness as well as career goals!" ~Katie N