Rachel Leigh is the founder of Whole Woman Health, a functional health & nutrition practice providing whole woman health through nutrition therapy, functional health, coaching psychology, and laboratory testing.

Combining her entrepreneur experience with sales and business coaching, she created 6-Figure Nutritionist, because she saw too many talented nutritionists struggle with building a business as she did.

She experienced firsthand the challenges of graduating from nutrition school, then feeling completely lost on where to go next. 


For years she hustled to make enough money to financially support her family until she made significant investments in learning the art of running a business.

Now, with over a decade of experience running a successful, multiple 6-figure practice, she has learned the key to thriving in the holistic health industry.  She's made it her mission to help other nutritionists end the financial struggle of entrepreneurship and create a business they love.

She continues to work closely with clients at Whole Woman Health while mentoring her team and coaching future 6-figure nutrition therapists through her industry-leading mastermind.