Business Mentor
for Nutritionists

I coach Nutritionists on how to build a 6-figure practice.



I coach Nutritionists on how to build a

6-figure practice.

I've taken my experience from the past 10-years running a multiple 6-figure functional nutrition practice and created a formula to help you make money.

This formula for success has come from my own trial and error, epic fails, advanced business and sales coaching, and experience as an entrepreneur, and I'd like to teach it to you.


Our industry needs high-quality Nutrition professionals to model after. The world needs access to alternative therapies. More women need mentoring on how to create successful businesses. Because you were never taught this in nutrition school. And you deserve to experience a career that you are passionate about AND make money.

Here is what I know about you:

I know you believe in the power of nutrition therapy.

I have no doubt you are skilled, educated, and talented.

And I know you want to serve as many people as possible, so they can experience a healthy, vibrant life.


In order to do this, you need to learn the skill of entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to make your first 100k, ready to hire team members, are building an online business, or want to set up a physical practice, I'm here to help.

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You deserve to live your passion for helping people have healthier lives AND make money while doing it.  In fact, you deserve to make 6-figures and beyond! 


"I was looking to get my life under control at a time when everything felt very much out of control.


I've just finished a 12 week Entrepreneur group coaching with Rachel, and am encouraging anyone who is in the beginnings of their business, have been in business for awhile, or are just looking for change, to sign up for this dynamic opportunity. Between Rachels approach and the group interaction, I left each weeks meeting feeling inspired and amped up for change! Rachel is sincere and honest in her coaching, she will support and encourage you to be the more you want to be!" 

Julie G.