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I coach Nutritionists on how to build a 6-figure practice.

I've taken my experience from the past 10-years running a multiple 6-figure functional nutrition practice and created a formula to help you make money.

This formula for success has come from my own trial and error, epic fails, advanced business and sales coaching, and experience as an entrepreneur, and I'd like to teach it to you.


Our industry needs high-quality Nutrition Therapists to model after.

The world needs access to alternative therapies.

More women need mentoring on how to create successful businesses.

Because you were never taught this in nutrition school.

And you deserve to experience a career that you are passionate about AND make money.

Here is what I know about you:

I know you believe in the power of nutrition therapy.

I have no doubt you are skilled, educated, and talented.

And I know you want to serve as many people as possible, so they can experience a healthy, vibrant life.


In order to do this, you need to learn the skill of entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to make your first 100k, ready to hire team members, are building an online business, or want to set up a physical practice, I'm here to help.


The 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind
August 4th 2021

You deserve to live your passion for helping people have healthier lives AND make money while doing it.  In fact, you deserve to make 6-figures and beyond! 

Because what you do is important and needed in the world!  

You also recognize that running a business is your sticking point and you're ready to invest in learning how to become a successful entrepreneur.

In this 6-month Mastermind, you will learn my proprietary pillars of success to begin immediately implementing them into your nutrition practice.

  • You will be surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to level up and become leaders in the industry.

  • You will be known as experts by your clients and peers alike.

  • You'll be an example of what is possible for your colleagues.

  • You will be part of an elite group of Nutritionists setting an example for others.

  • You will have an edge in the industry.

  • You will no longer struggle financially.

What you get when you join the 6-figure mastermind.

  • A seat in the room with the industry's BEST nutritionists.

  • Weekly LIVE group coaching to implement, teach and receive coaching on the pillars of success.

  • Private FB community to support each other, ask questions, receive coaching and stay accountable.

  • Collateral materials to use beyond the mastermind that you'll use to create your next financial milestones.

  • Access to myself between group coaching sessions via MarcoPolo.

  • Personal guidance and mentorship.





Program Modules

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset:  Learn how to use coaching psychology to not only coach yourself through change, but your clients as well.  Learning to coaching will be the secret sauce to increasing client compliance, ensuring greater results.

  • Niching:  Having a niche will be essential in growing your business.  Designing a niche you love, are willing to nurture, and to a demographic that you love serving not only generates more money, but makes running a business less stressful.

  • Brand Development:  Your brand should represent you and your niche.  This is the look and feel of your business and will guide all your marketing.

  • Sales & Marketing:  Marketing is where most of my clients can get sucked into a vortex of confusion that is not only time consuming, but expensive as well.  I'll teach you how, where, and when to market from joy, not pressure.

  • Organization & Time Management:  Not the sexiest of topics, but essential to getting everything done WHILE maintaining a personal life.

  • Scalability:  Designing your business not for it's current needs, but for your future growth.  

If you are a nutrition therapist with 1-2 years experience in the industry wanting to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond, apply for the next mastermind which I am are taking applications for now!


August 4th 2021 - February 2nd 2022

90-minute kickoff call August 4th, 2021

Weekly 1-hour coaching calls on Wednesdays @ 12:00 pm MST

Cost $5,000.00




Rachel Gerlach is the founder of NutritionWorks, a functional health & nutrition practice providing whole woman health through nutrition therapy, functional health, coaching psychology, and laboratory testing.

Combining her entrepreneur experience with sales and business coaching, she created 6-Figure Nutritionist because she saw too many talented nutritionists struggle with building a business as she did.

She experienced firsthand the challenges of graduating from nutrition school, then feeling completely lost on where to go next. 

Rachel headshot blue dress sitting (1) 2

“Working with Rachel has helped me be more accepting of things as they are, and not necessarily how I think they SHOULD be. She did this by showing me how my thoughts about my circumstances were holding me back, not my actual circumstances" 

Private 1:1 Coaching

My private coaching program is designed for individuals who need consulting to reach a very specific milestone - typically multiple 6-figures that entail hiring a team and building online programs.

If you've exceeded the 100k milestone, are ready to move into multiple six figures, possibly even 7-figures, and recognize you need undivided attention on how exactly to do this, I welcome a conversation to discuss how we can work together.

The 6-Figure Nutritionist Mastermind


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